Earl Leroy (Buddy) Carter – US Representative from First District GA

Buddy Carter PictureU.S. Representative Buddy Carter (R)

Serving Georgia’s First District

Elected in 2015 after serving as Mayor of Pooler 1996 – 2004 and in State House and Senate 2005 – 2014.  Succeeded Jack Kingston.  Ran unopposed in 2016.  Next election – Nov 2018

Key Facts:

Serves on Energy & Commerce Committee, Subcommittees on Health, Environment and Oversight and Investigations

Profession – Owns Carter’s Pharmacy, Inc.   (The only pharmacist in the U.S. Congress.)

Residence –Pooler, GA

Personal Passions:

Family: Wife -Amy, 3 sons, 2 Granddaughters

Church: member of Asbury United Methodist Church

Buddy Carter on Key Issues & Positions:

Role of Government:  Believes we need to rein in government spending and regulation.

Health Care: Has “seen the devastating impact of Obamacare first hand.  It’s driving up costs, taking away choices and putting bureaucrats between patients and their health care providers.”  Has voted consistently for repeal of the ACA and supports House bill to repeal & replace.  Says we must put free market forces back in health care system.

Women’s Health: Co-sponsor of Sanctity of Human Life Act which protects human life from conception with no exceptions.  Votes consistently to defund Planned Parenthood.

Tax reform: “My first act as a Member of Congress was to co-sponsor the Fair Tax, which would create a simpler, fairer and flatter tax code to build a stronger economy. The Fair Tax scraps the tax code, abolishes the IRS and eliminates all personal and corporate income taxes, the death tax, gift taxes, and the payroll tax.  It replaces them with a single national consumption tax on retail sales.”

Education:  Advocates restraining Dept. of Ed, promoting school choice and local control, and eliminating Common Core.  Believes the Bible should be taught in public schools.

Gun Control aka Second Amendment Rights: “A” rating from NRA. Endorsed by NRA to replace Jack Kingston. Pledges to fight any efforts to restrict gun ownership and work to roll back existing restrictions which he says are ineffective and “leave guns in the hand of criminals while leaving ordinary, honest, law-abiding citizens defenseless.”

Immigration:  Priorities are to enforce existing laws, including deporting those here illegally and to secure the border.  Supports Trump’s travel and immigration restriction order.  Introduced legislation to require ICE to respond to inquiries about anyone suspected of illegal status regardless of the reason for their detention.  Supported the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act which “ensures local officials who want to enforce our nation’s immigration laws are able to and will get a response from ICE while also ensuring sanctuary cities cooperate with federal enforcement of immigration laws. Additionally, the legislation withholds federal grants from jurisdictions that violate federal law by prohibiting their officers from communicating with ICE. “

Jobs and the Economy:  Wants to simplify regulations and reduce “devastating impacts of government overregulation” and “increasing burdens on America’s job creators.”  Supports reauthorization of Import/Export Bank.  Advocating for funding for Savannah Harbor Deepening. Voted to repeal consumer protection provisions of Dodd Frank Act.

Environment: Not included in 13 key issues on website!  Says “we must promote new, clean and reliable sources of energy and cut bureaucratic red tape on American- made fuel and energy.”  Supports the Keystone pipeline.  Voted to lift ban on US oil exports and to block EPA regulations to reduce emissions from power plants.

Key Staff:

Christopher K Crawford                 Chief of Staff

Mary F. Carpenter                           Communications Director

Patricia Depriest                              Caseworker Manager

Bruce Bazemore                              Caseworker

Jud Seymour                                     District Director, Campaign Manager


Washington, DC Office 432 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-5831 Fax: (202) 226-2269

Savannah Office 6602 Abercorn Street, Suite 105B Savannah, GA 31405 Phone: (912) 352-0101 Fax: (912) 352-0105

Open: 9-5 M-F

The WAG Watchdog Takeaway: The Congressman’s positions speak for themselves.

Where We Can Find Common Ground:  

  • He recently supported a bi-partisan bill that would allow over-the-counter hearing aids for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, which if passed, will expand access to the roughly 24 million people the AARP estimates suffer from hearing loss but don’t use (expensive) hearing aids which aren’t covered by Medicare. His support is being slammed by a conservative lobbying group.
  • He continues to have Town Hall meetings even when people yell at him.

Sources: The Congressman’s own website and press reports.

Contributor: Cindy Gilbert