Gun Control Bad Guys from Gabby Gifford

For far too long, the gun lobby has used its extraordinary power and influence to stifle any attempts to pass laws in Congress that would make our communities safer from gun violence.

But I think what they are realizing now is that they forgot the power of the American people to do big things, and to demand and win change the political establishment in this country long told us was out of reach.

After the tragedy at Parkland, I told you if Congress won’t act, the American voters must. Yesterday, Giffords launched our Vote Courage campaign and announced our first round of priority elected officials to unseat this November.

I am going to use every ounce of my energy to defeat the politicians who are paid to defend the firearm industry. But I cannot do it alone. So I have to ask:

Can you donate in $3 to support our campaign to take on and beat our list of six priority elected officials in this November’s elections? The American people are with us. We can win. And if we all chip in, we will.

Here’s the list:

  • Mike Coffman – US House, Colorado’s 6th Congressional District. Despite high-profile shootings in Aurora, Littleton and nearby Columbine and mounting pressure from his constituents to take action, Mike Coffman has continuously stood by the gun lobby and opposed gun safety measures.


  • Vern Buchanan – US House, Florida’s 16th Congressional District. Even after the tragedy in Parkland, Florida and calls from his constituents to take action, Vern Buchanan has stood by the gun lobby’s side and opposed gun safety measures.


  • Pete Sessions – US House, Texas’ 32nd Congressional District. Pete Sessions is one of the top recipients of gun lobby contributions in the House. Running in a district that Hillary Clinton won, a gun safety champion is in a prime position to defeat him.


  • Barbara Comstock – US House, Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Precincts across Virginia’s 10th District delivered a win to gun safety champion Ralph Northam on Election Day in 2017, a resounding defeat for the gun lobby in their own backyard. Gun safety was a top issue in the gubernatorial race, and Barbara Comstock can expect it to be a top issue in her race in 2018.


  • Paul Ryan – US House, Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. The US House has not voted on a bill that would strengthen our nation’s gun laws since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, and since 2015, it’s thanks to Paul Ryan. Despite pressure to take up gun safety measures following the shootings in Orlando, Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs and now Parkland, Paul Ryan has failed the American people and refused to allow even one vote.


  • Dean Heller – US Senate, Nevada. The shooting in Las Vegas devastated Nevada communities, but Dean Heller has remained quiet and refused to demand meaningful action that would make communities safer from gun violence. In 2016, Nevada voters delivered victories to two gun safety champions, Hillary Clinton and Catherine Cortez Masto, and passed a ballot measure requiring background checks on all gun sales.

Your donation to Giffords PAC today will go toward defeating these favorites of the gun lobby in November. Chip in $3 to support that work.

Politicians can no longer say that these acts of violence are acts of nature, beyond our control. They are not. The American people know it. They are tired of politicians failing to acknowledge this crisis and and voting against our safety.

This November, if they fail to act, we vote them out.

All my best,

Gabby Giffords