Health Team

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Jesse Petreas and Rosemary Mackey at the Health Care 2017 Event sponsored by Georgians for a Healthy Future.


To ensure that Georgians at the local, state and national level have a basic level of healthcare;

  • To provide educational opportunities for members of Abigails, including WAGS, and Hamiltons to keep them informed of changes to healthcare laws that affect our community;
  • To advocate for or against healthcare laws at the state and national level that help or adversely affect the healthcare of Georgians

Team Leader:
Rosemary W. Mackey 


8 Landings residents
1 Downtown resident

Meeting Times:

As necessary.  Most work accomplished via e-mails

Relationships with Other Organizations:

Georgians for a Healthy Future (GHF) – Primary
 Laura Colbert Executive Director
Tel: 404.567.5016; Ext.1

Chatham County Safety Net Planning Council – Secondary
Lisa Hayes, Executive Director
Tel: 912.644.5219


Monitoring proposed changes to healthcare laws, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as they will impact Georgians
Monitoring the activities of the GA legislators regarding bills that impact healthcare throughout the State;
Developing advocacy alerts for WAG members to call legislators denouncing inappropriate cuts to coverage & Medicaid and applauding bills they have spearheaded that are good for healthcare coverage;                                   Attendance at rallies as appropriate.
Organizing educational forums on issues related to healthcare at the State and National levels.
Writing Letters to the Editor of the Savannah Morning News (SMN) related to healthcare issues;
Participating in rallies related to Healthcare issues and in support of other WAG issues groups (Gun Safety; Civil Rights; Women’s Rights, Education


All members submit newspaper and relevant articles from other health-related organizations (e.g. The Commonwealth Fund);
Research gratefully received from the Watchdog group.


Resource Page:  Health Care Resources

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