Savannah Protest Against Gun Violence in Schools – March 24th

A protest on March 24th is being organized by Devin Bauer and her Kylie Ruffino, SCAD students..  They know about WAG and that we would like to help and they are grateful and motivated! Here’s what we know so far.

  • They’ve managed to register with the national group so all of us can sign up on the national website and be directed to the Savannah march. Assembly at 1:00 pm. March from Wright Square to Forsyth Park. (Also on Facebook.)
  • Devin and Kiley has also arranged with Costumes, Inc. to sell tee shirts to fundraise.
  • They are working on the permit and logistics.
  • Kate Green has reached out separately to help there via STAR and hooked them up with the organizers of the Women’s March. The idea is to follow the same route as the Women’s March.
  • Kiley and Devin are reaching out to the local high schools and trying to get a HS band to lead the march. They also envision booths in Forsyth Park to allow people to register to vote, to write letters to elected officials etc. They want it not to only be a march but to direct attendees to action. They will welcome anything we can do to get out the word and may need some help with logistics. I told Devin we’d support but feel strongly they must be in the lead. I did nothing but cheerlead on this call. Devin is the lead. But  I think we should get behind this and send a SAVE THE DATE to our membership – directing them to the national website to sign up. We can also get tee shirts to help them fundraise.