WAG Action – Talmadge Memorial Bridge

We have been closely following the debate about renaming the Talmadge Bridge for the last year. In order to have another name for the bridge, the Georgia State Assembly must agree – which means our local representatives will have to champion this issue in the Georgia Assembly. The Savannah mayor, the City Council and Savannah Matters (formerly Span the Gap) all support a new, but unspecified name – one that will better reflect our modern, diverse and inclusive city.   Ron Stephens, a member of Chatham County’s legislative delegation is committed to introducing legislation in the current Georgia State Assembly session.  We have heard, that there is a perception among our some of our local elected officials that Skidaway Island doesn’t care about this issue– that it is “an inner-city” issue. Let’s prove they are wrong. Please join us in writing or call our local officials as soon as possible and tell them:

  •  “I’m a constituent and I vote and my zip code is ___________.”
  • Our mayor and our city council and many thousands of Savannah residents have weighed in and we agree.
  • We want a name for our bridge that reflects the modernity and diversity of Savannah today.
  • I am following this issue and I will be very disappointed if you can’t help Savannah residents get what they want – permission to call this bridge something else.

Reach out to:

  • Representative Ron Stephens, District 164 (Savannah), Chairman of Economic Development & Tourism and the dean of the Chatham County legislative district at 912.596.1998 (45 Cove Drive, Savannah, GA 31419);
  • Representative Jesse Petrea, District 166 (Savannah) at 912.354.3680 (108 Loyer Lane, Savannah, GA 31411);
  • State Senator Lester G. Jackson at 912.233.7970 (1501 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401;
  • State Senator Ben Watson, District 1, 1326 Eisenhower Drive #2, Savannah, GA 31406 or 912.527.5100.

Note: In this case, we think it is important to communicate as individuals, and not under a WAG banner. Also, WAG is not taking a position on what a new name might be. If you have an individual point of view, it is your decision if you want to share it.