WAG Mission and Objectives

  • Mission Statement

    Women Advocating for Georgians (WAG) is a non-partisan, progressive, liberal organization created for the purpose of advocating on a local, state and national level for issues of critical importance.

  • Objectives

  • To provide an organizational structure, network, and information resource for members of the Abigails, who want to advocate (primarily at state and local level) for socially progressive issues.
  • To inform the Abigails organization of current issues relevant to our socially progressive goals.
  • To develop and maintain knowledge of relevant ongoing and upcoming actions in the state, local and national government that are relevant to our progressive agenda
  • To know about and work with other advocacy groups who share our objectives with respect to one or more progressive objectives
  • To  influence law and policy (emphasis on state and local) on selected issues by making phone calls, writing letters/emails, visiting elected and appointed officials, attending rallies, marches and meetings, and publishing information (articles and letters to the editor) in local news media